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History of Bracknell Bowling Club

Your committee would like to wish you all good health and success in 2016.

The club was formed in 1904 and its first bowling green was located in the Royal Forest Hotel meadow on a 7-year lease. Access to the the green was through the hotel and they supplied all the refreshments.

In 1906 we became members of the Reading & District Bowling Association and subsequently became a Founder Member of Berkshire Bowling Association.

By 1911 it was necessery to move to a new green at Stanley Road where the land was purchased for £330 and a limited company was formed to own the lease, with the freehold being purchased in 1936 for £675.

By 1939 the ladies were at last accepted as members of the club, having been previously rejected in 1912 and 1925. In 1935 the adjacent social club allowed their premises to become a regular venue for meetings.

For many years the address of the green was known as Stanley Road, but in 1959 an audit of the deeds showed the green to be in Rochdale Road! 1963 was the year when the Bracknell Development Corporation made a compulsory purchase order of the clubs premises for which £8,820 was eventually paid two years later. By 1968 the new green and facilities were in use, and in 1970 the Bracknell Social Club was amalgamated with the bowls club and the new name of the Bracknell Bowling and Social Club came into being. By this time the club was producing a high standard of bowlers at all levels in both the ladies and gent's sections.

1978 gave Bracknell its first Bannerette win over the County with more success in the Nationals and players in the winning Middleton Cup squad of 1982.

By 1999 floodlighting had been installed and by the time of it's centenary, the clubhouse was now a two-storey building with excellent facilities.

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