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Your Bowling & Social Club Committee would like to wish you all good health and success in 2018.

Bracknell Bowling (Section)

(Communication from your Secretary)

Hi All

There are a few points I would like on behalf of the members.

Competition Draw
I am pleased to announce that the competition draw has been completed and is now on the board for all to see. May I extend a word of thanks to Chris Peters and his team ( Keith Sawdon & John Budworth). There are some very interesting 1st round matches. Enjoy and have fun looking at these.

You all know Keith Sawdon and myself are umpires but Harry Bainbridge has just passed his exams and happy to announce that Bracknell have now three umpires. Congratulation to Harry well done. I am also privileged to part of the umpiring team for both home Middleton Cup matches (Saturday 2nd June and Saturday 7th July both at Suttons).

Our green keepers have been working hard and the weeding now is about 85% complete. At truly magnificent effort. Again thanks to Ken, Steve and Burnie but also to Tom for looking after the flowers and keeping the surrounds in great shape. 

Many thanks.

Paul Melhuish


Cribbage League 2017 -2018

Team To Play Away (Leathern Bottle(21.05.2018

David Butler,John Cullip,John Budworth,Billy Butler,Terry Falcus,Clarry Perchard,Keith Butler.Ellen Spencer,Gary Sherpard.

Congradulations To Bracknell Bowling & Social Club on becoming the Cribbage League And Cup Champions For 2016/2017

Bowling Club League Tables & Scores: Year 2018

Cribbage Fixtures & Scores: Week 29 Season 2017 - 2018

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